High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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seastar::smp Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static boost::program_options::options_description get_options_description ()
static void register_network_stacks ()
static void configure (boost::program_options::variables_map vm)
static void cleanup ()
static void cleanup_cpu ()
static void arrive_at_event_loop_end ()
static void join_all ()
static bool main_thread ()
template<typename Func >
static futurize_t< std::result_of_t< Func()> > submit_to (unsigned t, Func &&func)
static bool poll_queues ()
static bool pure_poll_queues ()
static boost::integer_range< unsigned > all_cpus ()
template<typename Func >
static future invoke_on_all (Func &&func)

Static Public Attributes

static unsigned count

Member Function Documentation

◆ submit_to()

template<typename Func >
static futurize_t<std::result_of_t<Func()> > seastar::smp::submit_to ( unsigned  t,
Func &&  func 

Runs a function on a remote core.

tdesignates the core to run the function on (may be a remote core or the local core).
funca callable to run on core t. If func is a temporary object, its lifetime will be extended by moving it. If is a reference, the caller must guarantee that it will survive the call.
whatever func returns, as a future<> (if func does not return a future, submit_to() will wrap it in a future<>).

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