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seastar::app_template Class Reference

Detailed Description



struct  config
struct  positional_option
struct  seastar_options
 Seastar configuration options. More...

Public Types

using configuration_reader = std::function< void(boost::program_options::variables_map &)>

Public Member Functions

 app_template (seastar_options opts)
 app_template (config cfg=config())
const seastar_optionsoptions () const
boost::program_options::options_description & get_options_description ()
boost::program_options::options_description & get_conf_file_options_description ()
boost::program_options::options_description_easy_init add_options ()
void add_positional_options (std::initializer_list< positional_option > options)
boost::program_options::variables_map & configuration ()
int run_deprecated (int ac, char **av, std::function< void()> &&func) noexcept
void set_configuration_reader (configuration_reader conf_reader)
alien::instancealien ()
int run (int ac, char **av, std::function< future< int >()> &&func) noexcept
int run (int ac, char **av, std::function< future<>()> &&func) noexcept

Class Documentation

◆ seastar::app_template::positional_option

struct seastar::app_template::positional_option
Class Members
const char * help
int max_count
const char * name
const value_semantic * value_semantic

Member Function Documentation

◆ alien()

alien::instance& seastar::app_template::alien ( )

Obtains an alien::instance object that can be used to send messages to Seastar shards from non-Seastar threads.

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