High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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seastar::net::packet Class Referencefinal

Public Member Functions

 packet (size_t nr_frags)
 packet (packet &&x) noexcept
 packet (const char *data, size_t len)
 packet (fragment frag)
 packet (fragment frag, deleter del)
 packet (std::vector< fragment > frag, deleter del)
template<typename Iterator >
 packet (Iterator begin, Iterator end, deleter del)
 packet (packet &&x, fragment frag)
 packet (fragment frag, packet &&x)
 packet (fragment frag, deleter del, packet &&x)
 packet (packet &&x, fragment frag, deleter d)
 packet (packet &&x, temporary_buffer< char > buf)
 packet (temporary_buffer< char > buf)
 packet (packet &&x, deleter d)
packetoperator= (packet &&x) noexcept
unsigned len () const
unsigned memory () const
fragment frag (unsigned idx) const
fragmentfrag (unsigned idx)
unsigned nr_frags () const
pseudo_vector fragments () const
fragmentfragment_array () const
packet share ()
packet share (size_t offset, size_t len)
void append (packet &&p)
void trim_front (size_t how_much)
void trim_back (size_t how_much)
template<typename Header >
Header * get_header (size_t offset=0)
char * get_header (size_t offset, size_t size)
template<typename Header >
Header * prepend_header (size_t extra_size=0)
char * prepend_uninitialized_header (size_t size)
packet free_on_cpu (unsigned cpu, std::function< void()> cb=[]{})
void linearize ()
void reset ()
void reserve (int n_frags)
std::optional< uint32_t > rss_hash ()
std::optional< uint32_t > set_rss_hash (uint32_t hash)
template<typename Func >
void release_into (Func &&func)
std::vector< temporary_buffer< char > > release ()
 operator bool ()
struct offload_info offload_info () const
struct offload_infooffload_info_ref ()
void set_offload_info (struct offload_info oi)

Static Public Member Functions

static packet from_static_data (const char *data, size_t len) noexcept
static packet make_null_packet () noexcept

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