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checked_ptr.hh File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains a seastar::checked_ptr class implementation.

#include <exception>
#include <seastar/util/concepts.hh>

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class  seastar::checked_ptr_is_null_exception
 The exception thrown by a default_null_deref_action. More...
struct  seastar::default_null_deref_action
 Default not engaged seastar::checked_ptr dereferencing action (functor). More...
class  seastar::checked_ptr< Ptr, NullDerefAction >
 seastar::checked_ptr class is a wrapper class that may be used with any pointer type (smart like std::unique_ptr or raw pointers like int*). More...
struct  std::hash< seastar::checked_ptr< T > >
 std::hash specialization for seastar::checked_ptr class More...


 Seastar API namespace.