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seastar::net::datagram_channel Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 datagram_channel (std::unique_ptr< datagram_channel_impl >) noexcept
 datagram_channel (datagram_channel &&) noexcept
datagram_channeloperator= (datagram_channel &&) noexcept
socket_address local_address () const
future< datagramreceive ()
future send (const socket_address &dst, const char *msg)
future send (const socket_address &dst, packet p)
bool is_closed () const
void shutdown_input ()
 Causes a pending receive() to complete (possibly with an exception)
void shutdown_output ()
 Causes a pending send() to complete (possibly with an exception)
void close ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ close()

void seastar::net::datagram_channel::close ( )

Close the channel and releases all resources.

Must be called only when there are no unfinished send() or receive() calls. You can force pending calls to complete soon by calling shutdown_input() and shutdown_output().

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