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seastar::pipe_writer< T > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class seastar::pipe_writer< T >

Write side of a seastar::pipe.

The write side of a pipe, which allows only writing to the pipe. A pipe_writer object cannot be created separately, but only as part of a reader/writer pair through seastar::pipe.

#include <seastar/core/pipe.hh>

Public Member Functions

future write (T &&data)
 Write an item to the pipe. More...
 pipe_writer (pipe_writer &&other) noexcept
pipe_writeroperator= (pipe_writer &&other) noexcept

Member Function Documentation

◆ write()

template<typename T >
future seastar::pipe_writer< T >::write ( T &&  data)

Write an item to the pipe.

Returns a future value, which is fulfilled when the data was written to the buffer (when it become non-full). If the data could not be written because the read side was closed, an exception broken_pipe_exception is returned in the future.

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