High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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seastar::scattered_message< CharType > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 scattered_message (scattered_message &&)=default
 scattered_message (const scattered_message &)=delete
void append_static (const char_type *buf, size_t size)
template<size_t N>
void append_static (const char_type(&s)[N])
void append_static (const char_type *s)
template<typename size_type , size_type max_size>
void append_static (const basic_sstring< char_type, size_type, max_size > &s)
void append_static (const std::string_view &s)
void append (std::string_view v)
void append (temporary_buffer< CharType > buff)
template<typename size_type , size_type max_size>
void append (basic_sstring< char_type, size_type, max_size > s)
template<typename size_type , size_type max_size, typename Callback >
void append (const basic_sstring< char_type, size_type, max_size > &s, Callback callback)
void reserve (int n_frags)
packet release () &&
template<typename Callback >
void on_delete (Callback callback)
 operator bool () const
size_t size ()

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