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seastar::slab_class< Item > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 slab_class (size_t size, uint8_t slab_class_id)
 slab_class (slab_class &&)=default
size_t size () const
bool empty () const
bool has_no_slab_pages () const
template<typename... Args>
Item * create (Args &&... args)
template<typename... Args>
Item * create_from_new_page (uint64_t max_object_size, uint32_t slab_page_index, std::function< void(slab_page_desc &desc)> insert_slab_page_desc, Args &&... args)
template<typename... Args>
Item * create_from_lru (std::function< void(Item &item_ref)> &erase_func, Args &&... args)
void free_item (Item *item, slab_page_desc &desc)
void touch_item (Item *item)
void remove_item_from_lru (Item *item)
void insert_item_into_lru (Item *item)
void remove_desc_from_free_list (slab_page_desc &desc)

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