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seastar::file_open_options Struct Reference

Detailed Description

File open options

Options used to configure an open file.


#include <seastar/core/file.hh>

Public Attributes

uint64_t extent_allocation_size_hint = 1 << 20
 Allocate this much disk space when extending the file.
bool sloppy_size = false
 Allow the file size not to track the amount of data written until a flush.
uint64_t sloppy_size_hint = 1 << 20
 Hint as to what the eventual file size will be.
file_permissions create_permissions = file_permissions::default_file_permissions
 File permissions to use when creating a file.
bool append_is_unlikely = false
 Hint that user promises (or at least tries hard) not to write behind file size.

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint64_t max_extent_allocation_size_hint = 1 << 31

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