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seastar::metrics::impl::metric_definition_impl Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

metric_definition_imploperator() (bool enabled)
metric_definition_imploperator() (const label_instance &label)
metric_definition_imploperator() (skip_when_empty skip) noexcept
metric_definition_implaggregate (const std::vector< label > &labels) noexcept
metric_definition_implset_skip_when_empty (bool skip=true) noexcept
metric_definition_implset_type (const sstring &type_name)
 metric_definition_impl (metric_name_type name, metric_type type, metric_function f, description d, std::vector< label_instance > labels, std::vector< label > aggregate_labels={})

Public Attributes

metric_name_type name
metric_type type
metric_function f
description d
bool enabled = true
skip_when_empty _skip_when_empty = skip_when_empty::no
std::vector< std::string > aggregate_labels
std::map< sstring, sstring > labels

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