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seastar::metrics::relabel_config Struct Reference

Detailed Description

a relabel_config allows changing metrics labels dynamically

The logic is similar to Prometheus configuration This is how Prometheus entry looks like:

source_labels - a list of source labels, the labels are concatenated with the separator and and the combine value is match to the regex. target_label - the labels to perform the action on when replacing a value or when dropping a label. replacement - the string to use when replacing a label value, regex group can be used. expr - a regular expression in a string format. Action would be taken if the regex match the concatenated labels. action - The action to perform when there is a match. separator - separator to use when concatenating the labels.

#include <seastar/core/relabel_config.hh>

Public Types

enum class  relabel_action {
  skip_when_empty , report_when_empty , replace , keep ,
  drop , drop_label

Public Attributes

std::vector< std::string > source_labels
std::string target_label
std::string replacement = "${1}"
relabel_config_regex expr = "(.*)"
relabel_action action = relabel_action::replace
std::string separator = ";"

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