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seastar::execution_stage Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Base execution stage class.

#include <seastar/core/execution_stage.hh>

Inheritance diagram for seastar::execution_stage:
seastar::concrete_execution_stage< ReturnType, Args >


struct  stats

Public Member Functions

 execution_stage (const sstring &name, scheduling_group sg={})
 execution_stage (const execution_stage &)=delete
 execution_stage (execution_stage &&)
const sstring & name () const noexcept
 Returns execution stage name.
const statsget_stats () const noexcept
 Returns execution stage usage statistics.
bool flush () noexcept
bool poll () const noexcept

Protected Member Functions

virtual void do_flush () noexcept=0

Protected Attributes

bool _empty = true
bool _flush_scheduled = false
scheduling_group _sg
stats _stats
sstring _name
metrics::metric_group _metric_group

Class Documentation

◆ seastar::execution_stage::stats

struct seastar::execution_stage::stats
Class Members
uint64_t function_calls_enqueued
uint64_t function_calls_executed
uint64_t tasks_preempted
uint64_t tasks_scheduled

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ execution_stage()

seastar::execution_stage::execution_stage ( execution_stage &&  )

Move constructor

It is illegal to move execution_stage after any operation has been pushed to it. The only reason why the move constructor is not deleted is the fact that C++14 does not guarantee return value optimisation which is required by make_execution_stage().

Member Function Documentation

◆ flush()

bool seastar::execution_stage::flush ( )

Flushes execution stage

Ensures that a task which would execute all queued operations is scheduled. Does not schedule a new task if there is one already pending or the queue is empty.

true if a new task has been scheduled

◆ poll()

bool seastar::execution_stage::poll ( ) const

Checks whether there are pending operations.

true if there is at least one queued operation

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