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seastar::lw_shared_ptr< T > Class Template Reference


class  disposer

Public Types

using element_type = T

Public Member Functions

 lw_shared_ptr (std::nullptr_t) noexcept
 lw_shared_ptr (const lw_shared_ptr &x) noexcept
 lw_shared_ptr (lw_shared_ptr &&x) noexcept
lw_shared_ptroperator= (const lw_shared_ptr &x) noexcept
lw_shared_ptroperator= (lw_shared_ptr &&x) noexcept
lw_shared_ptroperator= (std::nullptr_t) noexcept
lw_shared_ptroperator= (T &&x) noexcept
T & operator* () const noexcept
T * operator-> () const noexcept
T * get () const noexcept
std::unique_ptr< T, disposerrelease () noexcept
long int use_count () const noexcept
 operator lw_shared_ptr< const T > () const noexcept
 operator bool () const noexcept
bool owned () const noexcept
bool operator== (const lw_shared_ptr< const T > &x) const
bool operator!= (const lw_shared_ptr< const T > &x) const
bool operator== (const lw_shared_ptr< std::remove_const_t< T >> &x) const
bool operator!= (const lw_shared_ptr< std::remove_const_t< T >> &x) const
bool operator< (const lw_shared_ptr< const T > &x) const
bool operator< (const lw_shared_ptr< std::remove_const_t< T >> &x) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void dispose (T *p) noexcept

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