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fstream.hh File Reference
#include <seastar/core/file.hh>
#include <seastar/core/iostream.hh>
#include <seastar/core/shared_ptr.hh>
#include <seastar/core/internal/api-level.hh>
#include <cstdint>

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class  seastar::file_input_stream_history
struct  seastar::file_input_stream_options
 Data structure describing options for opening a file input stream. More...
struct  seastar::file_output_stream_options


 Seastar API namespace.


input_stream< char > seastar::make_file_input_stream (file file, uint64_t offset, uint64_t len, file_input_stream_options options={})
 Creates an input_stream to read a portion of a file. More...
input_stream< char > seastar::make_file_input_stream (file file, uint64_t offset, file_input_stream_options={})
input_stream< char > seastar::make_file_input_stream (file file, file_input_stream_options={})
future< output_stream< char > > seastar::make_file_output_stream (file file, uint64_t buffer_size=8192) noexcept
future< output_stream< char > > seastar::make_file_output_stream (file file, file_output_stream_options options) noexcept
future< data_sink > seastar::make_file_data_sink (file, file_output_stream_options) noexcept

Class Documentation

◆ seastar::file_input_stream_options

struct seastar::file_input_stream_options
Class Members
size_t buffer_size I/O buffer size.
lw_shared_ptr< file_input_stream_history > dynamic_adjustments Input stream history, if null dynamic adjustments are disabled.
::io_priority_class io_priority_class
unsigned read_ahead Maximum number of extra read-ahead operations.

◆ seastar::file_output_stream_options

struct seastar::file_output_stream_options
Class Members
unsigned buffer_size
::io_priority_class io_priority_class
unsigned preallocation_size Preallocate extents. For large files, set to a large number (a few megabytes) to reduce fragmentation.
unsigned write_behind Number of buffers to write in parallel.