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metrics_registration.hh File Reference

Detailed Description

holds the metric_groups definition needed by class that reports metrics

If class A needs to report metrics, typically you include metrics_registration.hh, in A header file and add to A:

#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include <seastar/core/sstring.hh>
#include <seastar/util/modules.hh>

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class  seastar::metrics::metric_definition
class  seastar::metrics::metric_group_definition
class  seastar::metrics::metric_groups
 holds the metric definition. More...
class  seastar::metrics::metric_group
 hold a single metric group Initialization is done in the constructor or with a call to add_group More...


 Seastar API namespace.
 metrics creation and registration


using seastar::metrics::group_name_type = sstring