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seastar::log_cli Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Configure application logging at run-time with program options.


struct  options
 Logging configuration. More...


using log_level_map = std::unordered_map< sstring, log_level >


boost::program_options::options_description get_options_description ()
 Options for controlling logging at run-time.
void print_available_loggers (std::ostream &os)
 Print a human-friendly list of the available loggers.
log_level parse_log_level (const sstring &)
 Parse a log-level ({error, warn, info, debug, trace}) string, throwing std::runtime_error for an invalid level.
template<class OutputIter >
void parse_logger_levels (const program_options::string_map &levels, OutputIter out)
logging_settings extract_settings (const boost::program_options::variables_map &)
 Extract CLI options into a logging configuration.
logging_settings extract_settings (const options &)
 Extract options into a logging configuration.