High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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seastar::future_state_base Struct Reference


union  any
struct  current_exception_future_marker
struct  nested_exception_marker

Public Types

enum class  state : uintptr_t {
  invalid = 0 , future = 1 , result_unavailable = 2 , result = 3 ,
  exception_min = 4

Public Member Functions

 future_state_base (state st) noexcept
 future_state_base (std::exception_ptr &&ex) noexcept
 future_state_base (future_state_base &&x) noexcept
bool valid () const noexcept
bool available () const noexcept
bool failed () const noexcept
void ignore () noexcept
void set_exception (std::exception_ptr &&ex) noexcept
future_state_baseoperator= (future_state_base &&x) noexcept=default
void set_exception (future_state_base &&state) noexcept
std::exception_ptr get_exception () &&noexcept
const std::exception_ptr & get_exception () const &noexcept

Public Attributes

union seastar::future_state_base::any _u

Protected Member Functions

 future_state_base (current_exception_future_marker) noexcept
 future_state_base (nested_exception_marker, future_state_base &&old) noexcept
 future_state_base (nested_exception_marker, future_state_base &&n, future_state_base &&old) noexcept
void rethrow_exception () &&
void rethrow_exception () const &

Class Documentation

◆ seastar::future_state_base::current_exception_future_marker

struct seastar::future_state_base::current_exception_future_marker

◆ seastar::future_state_base::nested_exception_marker

struct seastar::future_state_base::nested_exception_marker

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