High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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seastar::network_stack Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for seastar::network_stack:
seastar::net::posix_network_stack seastar::net::posix_ap_network_stack

Public Member Functions

virtual server_socket listen (socket_address sa, listen_options opts)=0
future< connected_socketconnect (socket_address sa, socket_address={}, transport proto=transport::TCP)
virtual ::seastar::socket socket ()=0
virtual net::udp_channel make_udp_channel (const socket_address &={})=0
virtual net::datagram_channel make_unbound_datagram_channel (sa_family_t)=0
virtual net::datagram_channel make_bound_datagram_channel (const socket_address &local)=0
virtual future initialize ()
virtual bool has_per_core_namespace ()=0
virtual bool supports_ipv6 () const
virtual std::vector< network_interfacenetwork_interfaces ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ network_interfaces()

virtual std::vector<network_interface> seastar::network_stack::network_interfaces ( )

Returns available network interfaces. This represents a snapshot of interfaces available at call time, hence the return by value.

Reimplemented in seastar::net::posix_network_stack.

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