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seastar::socket Class Reference

Detailed Description

The seastar socket.

A socket that allows a connection to be established between two endpoints.

#include <seastar/net/api.hh>

Public Member Functions

 socket (socket &&) noexcept
 Moves a seastar::socket object.
socketoperator= (socket &&) noexcept
 Move-assigns a seastar::socket object.
future< connected_socketconnect (socket_address sa, socket_address local={}, transport proto=transport::TCP)
void set_reuseaddr (bool reuseaddr)
 Sets SO_REUSEADDR option (enable reuseaddr option on a socket)
bool get_reuseaddr () const
void shutdown ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ connect()

future<connected_socket> seastar::socket::connect ( socket_address  sa,
socket_address  local = {},
transport  proto = transport::TCP 

Attempts to establish the connection.

a connected_socket representing the connection.

◆ get_reuseaddr()

bool seastar::socket::get_reuseaddr ( ) const

Gets O_REUSEADDR option

whether the reuseaddr option is enabled or not

◆ shutdown()

void seastar::socket::shutdown ( )

Stops any in-flight connection attempt.

Cancels the connection attempt if it's still in progress, and terminates the connection if it has already been established.

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