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seastar::async_sharded_service< T > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class seastar::async_sharded_service< T >

If a sharded service inherits from this class, sharded::stop() will wait until all references to this service on each shard are released before returning. It is still service's own responsibility to track its references in asynchronous code by calling shared_from_this() and keeping returned smart pointer as long as object is in use.

#include <seastar/core/sharded.hh>

Inheritance diagram for seastar::async_sharded_service< T >:
seastar::enable_shared_from_this< T > seastar::shared_ptr_count_base

Public Member Functions

shared_ptr< T > shared_from_this () noexcept
shared_ptr< const T > shared_from_this () const noexcept
long use_count () const noexcept

Protected Attributes

std::function< void()> _delete_cb

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