High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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Support for exploiting multiple cores on a server.

Seastar supports multicore servers by using sharding. Each logical core (lcore) runs a separate event loop, with its own memory allocator, TCP/IP stack, and other services. Shards communicate by explicit message passing, rather than using locks and condition variables as with traditional threaded programming.


class  seastar::sharded< Service >
class  seastar::async_sharded_service< T >
class  seastar::peering_sharded_service< Service >
 Provide a sharded service with access to its peers. More...
class  seastar::no_sharded_instance_exception
 Exception thrown when a sharded object does not exist. More...
class  seastar::sharded_parameter< Func, Params >
 Helper to pass a parameter to a sharded<> object that depends on the shard. It is evaluated on the shard, just before being passed to the local instance. It is useful when passing parameters to sharded::start(). More...
class  seastar::foreign_ptr< PtrType >


template<typename T >
foreign_ptr< T > make_foreign (T ptr)

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◆ make_foreign()

template<typename T >
foreign_ptr< T > make_foreign ( ptr)

Wraps a raw or smart pointer object in a foreign_ptr<>.